Samskrita Bharati Seminar – 2018

Samskrita Bharati Seminar 2018

HSS Edmonton – Samskrita Bharati Canada Seminar 2018

Samskrita Bharati Seminar was held in June 2018 in Edmonton. It was an one day event where the participants got an introduction to the spoken and simple (saral) aspects of the ancient language of Hindus, Samskritam ( Sanskrit). The main outcome of the even was that at the end of the day, twelve out of forty five participants signed up for regular weekly two hour classes.

Samskrita Bharati, a non-profit organization, is primarily dedicated to the mission of popularizing Sanskrit as a spoken language. Moving beyond veneration of Sanskrit as a classical or exotic language, Samskrita Bharati seeks to make this a contemporary language whose everyday usage becomes customary and widespread.


Promote Samskritam as an everyday language and provide access to its rich and diverse repository of knowledge.


Samskritam will be a preferred medium for personal enrichment and harmony in the society.


Teach Samskritam to one and all.

Our Goals

  • Promote Samskritam in spoken and written forms among people of all ages in an interactive, fun, immersive and engaging environment.
  • Improve Samskritam teaching techniques and create instructional aids in multitude of media to make learning an easy and rewarding experience.
  • Organize lectures, camps, competitions and other programs to complement and enhance learning.
  • Bring to light existing Samskritam literature and publish books and create audiovisual and other media content to enhance the modern literary world of Samskritam.
  • Facilitate study and research in various knowledge systems available in Samskritam.
  • Inspire and build a committed base of volunteers and instructors to serve the society by working to propagate Samskritam.

More information about Samskrita Bharati is available in the Canada and US Chapters of their website