Universal Oneness Day 2019 Calgary

Universal Oneness Day – 2019 in Calgary

Our Prayers and Respect for those Who Protect Us

Universal Oneness Day in Calgary was observed at the Country Hills Fire Station on 17th August 2019. The HSS Calgary Team has performed the traditional ‘Raksha Bandhan’ by tying the ‘Rakhi'(the sacred thread) on the wrist of the Officers Fire Fighters and the EMS team. We explained to them the significance and meaning of this wonderful Hindu Tradition. The HSS Team handed over a “Thank You” note as a symbol of our indebtedness to them.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of connectivity, of giving assurance and confidence to each other that I am there with you and I am committed to help you, and stand by you. To say these things, we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, which means the bond of protection. With this assurance, what happens? Fear vanishes. The purpose of Raksha Bandhan is to remove fear from our lives.

The Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated world wide by the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh as Universal Oneness Day. The purpose of this is to reach out to the communities and government agencies in which HIndus live and appreciate their the services rendered by them to keep the society safe and secure.  The first responders like Fire Department and RCMP/ City Police are in the top of the list of those kinds of agencies. In the previous years the observation of Universal Oneness Day was limited to Edmonton. From 2019 HSS Calgary also started observing this.

When there is bonding, there is no fear. The lack of bonding is what causes insecurity to creep in. We worry what the other person will do. Will they take away our things from us? This fear of someone snatching things from you, whether it is family or society, is very strong. And this fear is what distorts our goodness and our creativity. It shrinks our personality and badly affects our behavior with other people. You will see that many people who are very aggressive have some sense of insecurity. So Raksha Bandhan is where one ties a band, saying, I am committed to our friendship. I am committed to protecting you, and I give you assurance of our bonding. Bonding removes fear, and when fear is removed ignorance vanishes from our lives.